Barbara DeMaire

Figurative Sculptor

I am fascinated and enchanted with the process of molding clay into female figurative sculptures. My “girls” are hand-built using white earthenware.  Each figure’s shape, expression, curves, texture and movement emerge from the clay and are seated, standing or prone in realistic positions. Each sculpture is one of a kind and is created to reflect a poised, inner calm, self-confidence, and a degree of sensitivity to engage the viewer. The clothing reflects my love of fashion and textured material.  Many of the poses also reflect my study of yoga.  Each clay sculpture is finished with a  glaze or bronze patina. Using clay to mold the likeness of the human figure is indeed a challenge, but I am rewarded with great personal satisfaction when a person smiles while observing and enjoying my work.

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About the Artist

                             With gentle curves, beautiful angles and an array of expressions; the human form is amazing.